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Mio Moov V Series
Car Navigation plus TV Entertainment

The Mio Moov V Series boasts a superb widescreen display, essential for bigger trips when you want both GPS and TV entertainment to hand. Yet despite its size, the Mio Moov V Series is a surprisingly slim GPS and is held firmly in place with a specially designed, multi-angle cradle for car navigation. With it’s built-in TV Program Guide, you can see what’s available to view on all available TV channels up to a week ahead, and the easy-to-use touchscreen menu and remote control gets you to your favorite TV programs in seconds, as well as volume and brightness adjustment.

Navigation is powered by Mio’s latest Spirit software and features the all-new TruMap™ views as well as built-in Traffic, while Junction Views and Lane Guidance help give you a safer navigation experience. The Mio Moov V Series is also brilliant when using Explore Mode on its widescreen. You can really make the most of your travels for both NavPix™ photo navigation and GPS Travel Books that make discovering new places easy and fun.

More Features
  • Digital TV on your GPS
    With its wide, flat display, watching Digital TV on the Mio V Series is a joy. The auto-tuning is easy to set up, so you can be viewing your favorite TV shows in seconds when you're not navigating. The seven-day EPG (Electronic TV Program Guide) lets you know what’s on every available TV channel up to a week ahead.

  • MP3 and video player
    The Mio Moov V Series lets you listen to your favorite music on a GPS. When you're not navigating, you can use its spacious screen and built-in speaker to enjoy your favorite movies.

  • TruMap™ views for safer navigation
    Over the years GPS maps have become more complicated, so we took the bold step and redesigned ours from scratch. The result is TruMap™, a unique design inspired by paper maps. We’ve simplified graphics and color for a clutter-free look that’s easier to understand. The natural white background allows your route on your GPS to stand out, so you can see your way at a glance. At dusk, the screen automatically switches to night mode and brightness is reduced for safer navigation.
  • A new approach for car navigation
    With the Mio Moov V Series’ Lane Guidance, you’re always in the correct lane to make a turn, so useful with today’s busier roads. The Spirit software also features realistic 3D Junction Views on your GPS that match major road signs, giving you more time to understand what’s ahead as you approach an exit or intersection.
  • Connect to GPS
    The full potential of the Spirit planning software is unleashed when you connect your GPS to your PC with MioMore™ Desktop 2. Easily plot your routes, upload NavPix and other geo-tagged photos for photo navigation, connect to online services, customize your own POIs and update maps and safety camera locations.
  • Navigate with a guide
    Pre-loaded into every new Mio Moov V Series are GPS Travel Books. Browse the in-depth listings of tourist attractions, places to eat, stay and visit, full of facts and photos. There are hundreds more to navigate from, all quick and easy to download when you connect to MioMore™ Desktop 2 via your PC.
  • Smarter, greener navigation
    The Mio Moov V Series Economical Routing on your GPS reduces the number of junctions on your chosen route, so you can cut down on stopping and starting, fuel usage and also help lower your car’s CO2 emissions.
  • Know your limits
    Pre-loaded safety camera data helps keeps you on the right side of the speed limit. If you’re speeding or approaching a camera, a visual and verbal warning on the GPS gives you time to safely slow down. The Mio Moov V Series can also flag up the speed limit of the road you’re on, encouraging safer navigation.
  • Stay ahead of traffic
    Avoid hold-ups and congestion for safer navigation.. Using the very latest GPS traffic technology (TMC), the Mio Moov V Series gives you real-time traffic information so you’ll always know what’s on the road ahead.
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