Why update?

Roads are changing all the time, which is why Mio maps are updated up to four times a year. Every map update tells you of new roads and changes to old roads, making sure that you always have the best possible route to where you want to go.


How to update?

If your device comes with Lifetime Map Updates please go to Lifetime Maps for further information.

If your device is not eligible for Lifetime Map Updates you can purchase the latest version of the map coverage preinstalled on your device from Mio e-shop.

Explore new destinations

If you want to drive to the country or region that is currently not preinstalled on your device, you can add a new map of the location you are travelling to.


Our accessories are all designed to work perfectly with your Mio.

Mio and RoadPilot bring you the latest safety camera data.

Let Mio be your tour guide, and you will feel like a local.

Mio's Truck Mode navigation is optimised for truck drivers.