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Explore More with Mio at the International Indonesia Motor Show

A Better Way to Travel with the Mio C230 , C320, and C320b!

Jakarta, 11th July 2008: Today, at the International Indonesia Motor Show, Mio Technology Corporation, a leading global supplier of personal GPS navigation devices, will display its latest portable GPS product range, the C230 , C320, and C320b. 

Mio entered the Indonesian market in 2008 January and has gained positive feedback from end users thereby increasing brand awareness.  By participating in the International Indonesia Motor Show, Mio will introduce the Mio C230, C320, and C320b to more car drivers.

The Mio C320b and C230 are the first PNDs to have pre-loaded maps of South East Asia. These Mio GPS devices provide pre-loaded country maps of Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.  The Mio C320 also provides pre-loaded maps of Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore.  Users won’t need to carry multiple city maps with them. Finding meeting locations, restaurants, public transportation or any other popular locations has never been easier or more convenient.

According to market research company, Canalys, in the first quarter of 2008, Asia Pacific PND shipments grew 72% year-on-year to reach 947,720 units. As one of Asia’s leading GPS brands, Mio embraces the potential South East Asian market and provides useful, easy-to use solutions to customers.

[C320 / C320b]

The Mio C320 and C320b are designed for users who are seeking all the benefit of a GPS navigation device but in an easy to carry unit. Featuring a bright 4.3” touch screen display, the C320 and C320b offers users clear driving instructions and straight forward operability without a stylus.  Paired with accurate maps, clear voice instructions and an array of bundled accessories, the Mio C320 and C320b will get you from A to B and make your life more productive.

C320 / C320b features:

-4.3” Touchscreen Interface

-Preloaded Southeast Asia maps with abundant Points of Interest

-Turn-by-turn Navigation

-MP3 Player


The Mio C230 car navigation system has been awarded the prestigious 2008 iF Design Award.

Featuring elegantly rounded contours and a clean gray exterior, the Mio C230 is a stylishly minimalist personal navigation device designed for entry-level users.  The C230’s exterior is free from unsightly knobs and buttons, which allows it to blend in nicely with a user’s car interior and not overwhelm other built-in dashboard indicators.  With its 3.5” screen, thin profile and lightweight design, the C230 is also perfect for pedestrian navigation, fitting easily into a pocket or handbag.

C230 features:

-3.5” Touchscreen Interface

-Compact and Slim Design

-Preloaded Southeast Asia maps with abundant Points of Interest

-Turn-by-turn Navigation