France - IGN maps

The detailed maps based on the French IGN maps are now available for your Cyclo 300 and Cyclo 500 series.


IGN (Institut National de l’Information Géographique et Forrestière) is the French National Institute of the Geographic and Forest information and provides detailed topographical maps of the French territory.


Our Cyclo devices come with pre-installed OpenStreetMaps (OSM) for cycling and mountain bike paths. This open source map database does not have detailed coverage of the French territory, which is why we offer an additional map.

The IGN maps have the same looks and feel as the original OSM maps and do not contain any altitude lines.


Users who would like to install the IGN maps on their device need to purchase an Activation key. This key will be sent to you by e-mail, along with a link to install the MioEasy Software (WINDOWS ONLY).

The MioEasy software will then install the IGN maps on your connected device. Due to the huge size of the IGN maps, some maps of European countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Norway and Sweden) will be deleted from your Mio Cyclo device.

These maps can be re-installed to your device at any time with the same MioEasy software.

IGN maps works only when you have France or Europe maps already installed on your Cyclo device.

And please upgrade your Cyclo device to Software v4.x or later version before install IGN maps.


You can download latest MioEasy SW here


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