Have you ever had such an experience? --The headlight beams of oncoming cars are too bright at night, so you can't open your eyes, or the license plate of the car in front of you is reflective, so you can't recognize the numbers? It is difficult to see clearly in this kind of high-contrast light and dark environment. Even in the event of a dispute from a road incident, if the footage from a dash camera is blurry and unrecognizable, then it will be useless! HDR technology has been gradually integrated into dash cameras to solve this problem.
What is HDR?
High Dynamic Range is a technology that enhances image clarity in situations that are too dark or too bright. In the same scenario, a HDR dash camera with better hardware can take two pictures at the same time - one with long exposure and a bright image, and the other with a short exposure and a dark image. The image sensor and powerful processor then merge the respective strengths of both images so that the bright areas are not overly bright and the dark details are still clear, faithfully restoring the details of the scene.
Real examples from Mio’s dash cam:
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