Do you know that rear-end collisions are the most common accident, which is about 29% of all crashes? More drivers are considering installing both the front and rear dash cams on their cars to give themselves peace of mind while on the road. With an extra rear cam, all the details behind the vehicle will be captured, as well as the blind spot will be alleviated. Rear-end collision will no longer bother you if you are using the dual dash cams. In case you are still thinking about the benefits of dual dash cams, let us find out more information through the points below!
Safety first
The most important benefit of using a dual dash cam is safety. Who doesn’t want an all-round vision to protect himself completely? Rear cams are connected to the main front-recording dash cam unit and work in the same way, recording as soon as drivers start the engine.
Proof for claiming insurance
When an accident happens, the most difficult part could be proving that it was someone else’s fault for claiming insurance. The video footage from both the front and rear cams will definitely help to clarify the facts and the cause of an accident.
Cheaper than you thought
Most people think single-channel dash cams are more affordable than dual dash cams, but that’s not totally true. The bundle selections are usually cheaper, and the rear cam comes with a compact size to mount discreetly to the rear windscreen. With good value and outstanding features, a dual dash cam is your best choice.
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