MioWORK™ Fleet Tablets

Fleet Tablets – Keeping Track of Teams on The Move

Find the right MioWORK™ Device for you. Superior fleet connectivity and powerful data capture lets you track your fleet and teams on the move. Customisable for in-vehicle use and client software and able to survive the toughest automotive environments.

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  1. MioWORK™ F740

    MioWORK™ F740

    INDUSTRIES : Field Mobility    Logistics & Fleet Management

    • 7-inch capacitive touch panel with glove support
    • IP54 water & dust proof, 1.2m/1.8m drop- & 20G shock resistant
    • Vehicle cradle
    • 4G/LTE, WiFi connected
    • Android™ 6.0
    • Dual-satellite system – GPS & GLONASS
    • NFC, HF RFID Data capture
    • Integrated camera
    • 10+ hrs battery life
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