The leading brand of dash cam, Mio, announced that when purchasing selected models of dash cams in Singapore from now on, you will receive an upgrade to 3 years of free warranty.

3 year warranty

Mio dash cam has won a lot of consumer awards in the consumer market for many years. Adhering to the brand’s belief that quality comes first; each product has gone through 50 tests from designing to production to provide the best and most reliable dash cam to our consumers.

When purchasing selected models of dash cams in Singapore from now on (Note 1), you will receive an upgrade to 3 years of local free warranty of the device and its battery. This promotion activity is applicable to existing customers. The consumer can enjoy 3 years of main device warranty from the date of purchase (Note 2). If the purchase certificate has been lost, the 3 years warranty commences from the production date of the serial number (S/N) on the main device.

If there is any unspecified matter, Mio has the final interpretation right to this activity. The company reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate this activity if the activity cannot be carried out due to special reasons of force majeure. 

Introduction to Mio dash cam’s tough testing for faultless performance: 

For more product information, please refer to Mio official website (

Note 1: Selected models (Please refer to the local authorized agent or official website for addition or adjustment):MiVue™ J86D, 798D, M760D. 

Note 2: Free upgrade activity does not cover the consumable accessories (car mount, car charger), the warranty of the accessories are 3 months respectively.。


About Mio 

Mio is a Private Brand of MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation and is a provider of in-car navigation systems. Centered on creating experiences that are “All About You,” it creates solutions for people, whether at home or work. Through the combination of thoughtful product designs, and innovations in hardware and software, Mio aims to be a household name in safety and wellness and enhance people’s lives with meaningful products.

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