Brand Story

Mio, the leading global GPS and dashcam brand, develops and markets products that enable users to take advantage of the latest developments in GPS services. Established in May 2002, the company has operations in Taiwan, Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, North America, South America, and the Middle-East. Mio currently employs more than 1,200 individuals worldwide, selling and marketing its products in over 56 countries and territories.

Mio believes that mobile will be the mainstay of business and life in the future. By focusing on the needs of our customers, we develop products and services — car navigation, bicycle navigation, dashcam, smart home solutions, and tablets designed for enterprise and healthcare — that deliver the ideal combination of innovation and user-friendliness.

Mio’s core customer base is well-traveled, well-informed, and Internet-savvy. By building a strong and consistent brand, Mio presents itself as a user-focused provider of exceptional customer experiences. As such, the brand has become recognized, respected, and trusted throughout the world, establishing its identity as a leading name in the markets in which we operate.