Taoyuan, Taiwan, July 6th, 2021 - Mio, an owned brand of MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation, is announcing the release of its new WIFI GPS tour computer - Cyclo Discover Connect for outdoor leisure activities. Paired with the latest MioShare App, cyclists and hikers can enjoy the wireless connectivity, get route ideas, and efficiently synchronize their data with multiple route planning services.

According to the statement released by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) on May 18th, a cross-national policy on cycling was established. Over 54 countries, including 27 EU Members, have come together and confirmed their political will to promote cycling. The new pan-European cycling master plan includes ECF recommendations on improving the overall cycling infrastructure, funding, and tourism.

Among the recommendations that stood out is the development of a Trans-European Cycle Network (TEC), which is based on the incorporation of official national cycling routes and EuroVelo networks with urban networks and regional cycling routes.

The Cyclo Discover Connect – An Advanced Cycling Companion to Complete Your Journey

The ECF’s statement shows outdoor cycling/hiking enthusiasts will have more unexpected areas to explore, and the new Cyclo Discover Connect can be your perfect companion. Following the design concept of the Cyclo Discover Plus, the Cyclo Discover Connect features the full-color 3.5’’ touch screen. The unique, large-button launcher enables users to select any function by simply clicking a button.

Equipped with WIFI, it provides you the cable-free experience of transferring data, and the built-in Bluetooth keeps you always connected with hands-free notification during your journey. To survive tough outdoor conditions, the Cyclo Discover Connect features IPX7 waterproof rating. No matter rain or shine, the Cyclo Discover Connect is your best riding/hiking partner under any weather condition.

Other than the sleek design, the Cyclo Discover Connect can also surprise you with its unique software features including the signature NeverMiss and the classic Surprise Me. Before starting your journey, using the wireless setup procedure through the latest MioShare app to configure your device by just following a few simple steps will get you on your way.

The MioShare App - Get Inspired Whenever You Feel like Starting a Journey

Mio is also unveiling its new mobile app specifically designed for our navigation device – the MioShare app. The app is used to find/manage routes and tours and is aimed primarily at recreational cyclists and those who enjoy the outdoors. It also integrates your MioShare account with other route planning services such as Komoot, RouteYou, and STRAVA Route to sync the routes and records conveniently with only one click.

Once users download the MioShare app and log in with their personal Cyclo devices, they can get a preview of the routes they created via the MioShare website. In addition, with the optimized MioShare app, users can select from a variety of cycling/hiking routes based on the season and activity type. Once the route is selected, it can be easily downloaded to a Cyclo device through built-in Wi-Fi. With the integrated trip overview, users can save, review, and organize their trips at any time. After the ride, MioShare users could view history records and share it on social media. In addition, MioShare users can connect with each other to share routes.

Aside from the MioShare app, the patent-pending NeverMiss feature allows users to remark any traveling spots, manage remarks, or even add a weblink through the MioShare website planning tool. During the trip, users will receive a notification / QR code on the device once they approach a spot/scene, and they can obtain more information about the spot via a smartphone’s internet connection.

Moreover, the MioShare app also supports connection to local route planning tools, such as Komoot, RouteYou, and STRAVA Route. For users who are already familiar with these route planning tools, MioShare can synchronize user IDs and download/upload their routes from/to the Cyclo with one click through its built-in WIFI. Whenever cyclists or hikers have come across a particularly beautiful route and took photos on their phones, it is also possible to add the photos to their history record afterward and save this precious memory.

The MioShare app will complement not only the new Mio Cyclo Discover Connect but also other Cyclo models1. Mio values every user’s experience and feedback on our products, which plays a significant role in the future development of the app and its features. We will keep our step on innovation in order to deliver a holistic outdoor experience for Mio customers.

1 The functions may vary depending on different models


The MioShare app is now free to download in both Google marketplace and Apple Store. The Cyclo Discover Connect will be available mid-June in France, Germany, Benelux, UK, Poland, and the Czech Republic through online shops and Cyclo retail stores. Please refer to the following table for additional purchasing information:

Regions Online stores Offline stores
United Kingdom https://www.mio.com/en_gb/wheretobuy/online N/A
Netherland https://www.mio.com/nl_nl/wheretobuy/online https://www.mio.com/nl_nl/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Belgium Dutch – speaking https://www.mio.com/nl_be/wheretobuy/online Belgium
French-speaking https://www.mio.com/fr_be/wheretobuy/online https://www.mio.com/fr_be/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
France https://www.mio.com/fr_fr/wheretobuy/online/ https://www.mio.com/fr_fr/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Deutschland https://www.mio.com/de_de/wheretobuy/online/ >https://www.mio.com/de_de/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Czech Republic https://www.mio.com/cz_cz/wheretobuy/online/ https://www.mio.com/cs_cz/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Poland N/A https://www.mio.com/pl_pl/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18

View the MioShare App introduction video here: https://youtu.be/YmtFlMWVmFc

Get started and download the MioShare App here: https://www.mioshare.com/applanding or scan this QR code:

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