• Crystal clear video footage under a premium 4K video recording resolution with large sensor and HDR technology.
  • Wi-Fi 5 technology for connecting the device to a smartphone, providing a faster OTA experience and real-time image upload.
  • Bluetooth connectivity offers the Find My Parked Car function and access to download mileage reports via the MiVue Pro app.
  • Average Speedcam Alerts showing speed limit and average speed of the interval.

Taoyuan, Taiwan, November 8th, 2021 – Mio, a brand of MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation, today launches the brand’s superior 4K GPS dashcam – the MiVue 886. The exceptional 4K video recording resolution with advanced Wi-Fi 5 wireless and Bluetooth technology will lead users to experience an extraordinary journey with a complete sense of safety.

Premium 4K video recording solution with large sensor and HDR

The MiVue 886 is utilized with a 1/1.8 large sensor to generate brighter, clearer, higher color saturation images, especially in low light conditions. The edge-cutting 4K (2160P) video recording solution presents extremely clear video footage while driving. For driving at night, MiVue™ 886 also supports 2K 1440p@30fps High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) that handles a wide range of lighting conditions in a scene to enable objects in both bright and dark areas to be visible.

To fulfill users’ requirements, MiVue 886 offers multiple resolution options including 4K 2160p@30fps, 2K 1440p@60fps, and FHD 1080p@120fps (slow motion mode) to record a journey. Whenever driving day or night, on highways or country roads, users can choose any of the above resolutions for different scenarios to capture every detail.

Connect wirelessly with multiple services thanks to Wi-Fi 5 and BT connectivity

MiVue 886 is the first Mio dashcam integrated with the high-speed Wi-Fi 5 technology, which enables a faster connection experience between the device and smartphones. Under a Wi-Fi environment, users are able to update to the latest firmware and speedcam data through OTA (Over-the-Air) services.

The built-in Bluetooth offers a sensational add-on service “Find My Parked Car”, which saves the GPS coordinates of the parked vehicle. In addition, users can easily download the “Mileage Report” of drivers’ trips via the MiVueTM Pro app.

Advance Average Speedcam Alerts feature offers to warn beforehand

Mio is proud of our core competency – the GPS application technology, to which we have devoted substantial resources in order to squeeze out every benefit and enhance user experience. Similar to Mio’s other premium dashcam products, the MiVue 886 is installed with the exclusive Average Speedcam Alerts and our patented Smart Alert features. Before approaching the speed detection point, the device shows the distance and time (in seconds) to the terminal speedcam, and also provides the speed limit and average speed of the interval.

Optimized system loading enhances read/write performance and files are saved every second

Compared with general dashcams that save files at one-minute intervals, the latest SD pre-format system enables a faster read/to write footage record performance. The external micro SD card supports up to 256GB, allowing 800 minutes of continuous recording under 4K ultra-high definition conditions. Meaning the MiVue 886 can not only save every second of your journey to provide complete video coverage but also allows larger storage to store the user’s journey and every remarkable second. Whenever unexpected power off / accident occurs, the file will be automatically repaired during boot up.

All-around protection in view of the Passive Powered Parking Mode

With a built-in 48 hours battery, the Passive Powered Parking Mode will automatically activate when the engine is turned off*. The MiVue 886 will start to preserve video footage once an accident or vibration is detected and can sustain for prolonged periods by an internal battery.


MiVue 886 is now available in France, Germany, Benelux, UK, Poland, Czech Republic Hungary, and Romania. Please refer to the following table for additional purchasing information:

Regions Online stores Offline stores
United Kingdom https://www.mio.com/en_gb/wheretobuy/online N/A
Netherland https://www.mio.com/nl_nl/wheretobuy/online https://www.mio.com/nl_nl/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Belgium  Dutch – speaking https://www.mio.com/nl_be/wheretobuy/online Belgium
French-speaking https://www.mio.com/fr_be/wheretobuy/online https://www.mio.com/fr_be/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
France https://www.mio.com/fr_fr/wheretobuy/online/ https://www.mio.com/fr_fr/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
 Deutschland https://www.mio.com/de_de/wheretobuy/online/ https://www.mio.com/de_de/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Czech Republic https://www.mio.com/cz_cz/wheretobuy/online/ https://www.mio.com/cs_cz/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Poland  N/A https://www.mio.com/pl_pl/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18

* Smartbox III is required for a long time (over 48 hours) parking mode surveillance demands, available separately.

* When using Parking Mode, the resolution will be automatically adjusted to 1080/30P to maximize the memory card usage.

For product details, please visit our website: http://www.mio.com

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