• New Wi-Fi GPS Tour Computer from Mio for outdoor recreational cyclists and hikers.
  • New group ride feature - WeJoinTM enriches the joy of traveling with friends and family.
  • All services linked to one MioShare account- use the App to find routes, preview trips, and connect to third-party route planning services with just a click.
  • Enter nodes and get the route immediately by Node Network (advanced Knoopputen).

Taoyuan, Taiwan, September 6th, 2021 - Mio, an owned brand of MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation, is announcing the release of its premium tour computer with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, the CycloTM Discover Pal for outdoor leisure activities. Along with the exclusive MioShareTM cloud-based service and its group ride service – WeJoinTM, Mio is leading the fun of outdoor recreation enjoyment from an individual activity to a group adventure.

 “Cycling is more than just racing, it’s more like a lifestyle. We are witnessing the growth of a new lifestyle in Europe. People intend to spend their holidays with friends and family through e-bike traveling. The latest Cyclo Discover Pal together with our exclusive WeJoin group ride feature are the ideal choice to complete your trip in a more exciting way.” said Mr. Steve Chang, President of MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation.

Enjoy the ride with friends and family inspired by our new WeJoin group ride feature

Riding with the ones you love is a memorable moment! The join group ride feature conveniently helps you share the route with others and ride together. Cyclo Discover Pal users can simply invite their friends or family to join the activity and start the ride by sharing the route with them.

Connect anytime, anywhere thanks to Wi-Fi and BT connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity ensures a wireless connection to the cloud-based MioShare App. Users can directly synchronize data between the Cyclo Discover Pal and MioShare accounts. It saves the hassle of finding a cable and connecting to a computer and gives you an enhanced wireless data transfer experience. Wi-Fi connectivity also allows software and map updates from time to time.

The MioShare app1 also supports connection to third-party route providers, such as Komoot, RouteYou, and STRAVA Route, which are widely used by local cycling and outdoor activity enthusiasts when planning routes or tours. Users are able to plan their routes through those planning tools and thanks to MioShare, they can link user IDs for data uploads and downloads to the Cyclo with one click through its built-in Wi-Fi1.

1 The functions may vary depending on different models and third-party services

A holistic solution to support your journey

The Cyclo Discover Pal has a stylish 2.8-inch color touchscreen and anti-reflective panel with optical bonding technology to ensure clear visibility during the ride even on a very sunny day. When it comes to a rainy day, the IPX7 waterproof rating can keep the device operating without sustaining any water damage.

There are many more useful functions that you definitely do not want to miss, including Cyclo’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Once the device is connected to the MioShare app, clear turn-by-turn instructions can be provided via the Bluetooth headset to allow the rider to stay focused without having to take his/her eyes off the road during the journey.

Moreover, the Cyclo Discover Pal also inherits the signature NeverMissTM and the classic Surprise MeTM from its Cyclo Discover family. With full compatibility with the latest MioShare App, you can enjoy an enhanced user experience from a faster setup with just a few simple steps to all the software features designed to amplify the fun of your journey.


The Cyclo Discover Pal is now available in France, Benelux, the UK, and the Czech Republic through online shops and Cyclo retail stores. Please refer to the following table for additional purchasing information:

Regions Online stores Offline stores
United Kingdom https://www.mio.com/en_gb/wheretobuy/online N/A
Netherland https://www.mio.com/nl_nl/wheretobuy/online https://www.mio.com/nl_nl/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Belgium Dutch – speaking https://www.mio.com/nl_be/wheretobuy/online Belgium
French-speaking https://www.mio.com/fr_be/wheretobuy/online https://www.mio.com/fr_be/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
 France https://www.mio.com/fr_fr/wheretobuy/online/ https://www.mio.com/fr_fr/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18
Czech Republic https://www.mio.com/cz_cz/wheretobuy/online/ https://www.mio.com/cs_cz/wheretobuy/offline/?category=18

For product details, please visit our website: https://www.mio.com/

View the Mio Cyclo Discover Pal product introduction video here: https://youtu.be/gqB387rZv6g

View the MioShare App introduction video here: https://youtu.be/fvRy9uGZ0ng

View the complete introduction of Cyclo Discover Pal here: https://www.mio.com/en_gb/cyclo-discover-pal

Get started and download the MioShare App here: https://www.mioshare.com/applanding or scan this QR code:

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