Mio Cyclo

Enjoy the ride together. Never miss an important stop or turn during a trip. Surprise yourself with a different route even if the destination is always the same.


Enjoy the ride with friends and family with or without Cyclo device

WeJoin™ group track feature enables route sharing to ride the same track with friends and know each other’s locations. Others can also join the group ride as a follower through downloading MioShare™ App.

NeverMiss™ what you can see and do along the way

NeverMiss™ what you can see and do along the way

Cyclo™ Discover Series is a cycling notebook in your pocket. Notifications show up when you approach a tour spot. Scan the QR code to read your saved online notes. You are your own tour guide!


Expand your tour territory with Komoot, RouteYou and STRAVA Route integration

Explore more with Komoot, RouteYou, and STRAVA Route tracks. Data can be directly synced with your device, meaning no more .gpx files to download and import manually.

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