With full HD recordings and various safety features included such as average speed camera alerts, the 798 Pro is an enhanced version of the popular 798 model

MiVue 798 Pro

LONDON, X April 2022 – Mio, leading provider of vehicle dash cams in Europe and Asia Pacific, is launching an enhanced version of its popular MiVue 798 dash cam with the new MiVue 798 Pro. Providing drivers with the ultimate peace of mind, the dash cam provides high quality recordings, various safety features and the new addition of average speed camera alerts to ensure road users can stay informed and protected. The MiVue 798 Pro is available from Robert Dyas  and the Mio website for £189.99.

Featuring high quality recording resolution, the MiVue 798 Pro is able to provide sharp video clips or photos in the event of an accident, providing real clarity and proof when required for insurance. Designed to capture every detail, it has Full HD 1080p in 60fps and 30fps as well as 2.8K QHD 1600P (25fps) and 2K 1440P (30fps) with a 145-degree wide angle lens. In addition, the impressive Sony STARVISTM CMOS video sensor ensures that the footage remains clear, with excellent contrast and rich colours – even at high speeds. Featuring a F1.8 aperture and night mode, the dash cam can guarantee that details such as registration plates or lights are captured even when driving late or in the dark. In the event of an accident or prang, users can feel safe in the knowledge that it will be recorded and able to be used to provide them support in any claims. The MiVue 798 Pro also supports the use of a rear camera (MiVue A50, MiVue A30) for additional recordings if preferred.

Clips can be viewed on the 2.7” display and the dash cam also features a microphone and speaker to allow for audio recording as well as video. The rotating mount provided can allow users to position the dash cam in a place that is convenient for them and provides no distractions.

Packed full of safety features, the GPS tracking provides drivers with safety camera warnings as well as average speed camera alerts – a feature new to the MiVue 798 range with the MiVue 798 Pro. Mio’s patented Custom Speed Camera feature, SmartAlert ensures that the faster that the car is being driven, the earlier the alert of a speed camera ahead is given. Adjusting the timing of these alerts to be specific to that driver helps to avoid emergency stops or fine. Through the GPS – in the event of an accident – GPS coordinate photos can be provided and users get the benefit of free safety camera data updates so their device will always be up to date.

The integrated Wi-Fi will sync footage in real-time to a smartphone and the firmware and safety camera data are update via OTA (Over-the-air) to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. Through the Wi-Fi and MiVue Pro app and MiVue Manager, users can easily upload, view or share footage including location through GPS data. This allows for the clips to be shared and saved easily but the dash cam also includes internal memory and can hold up to 128GB of footage through a micro-SD card.

The MiVue 798 Pro includes a parking mode, featuring shock sensors and the latest motion sensors to ensure that drivers are covered even when stationary. The dash cam will automatically activate and record videos when motion is detected near the front of the vehicle.  Smart parking mode can be used with the installation of a Mio SmartBox Hardwire Kit. 

With various options to keep drivers alert and informed, the dash cam is designed to limit the number of road incidents as well as support in the event of them with various Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Features included on the MiVue 798 Pro include 3-axis G-sensor, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning System, Cruise Control Reminder, Fatigue Alert, Head-light reminding and HUD Display Mode. For those looking to limit their impact on the planet, ECO Drive is also included. More details of these are below:

798 Pro
798 Pro 
  • Lane departure warning system (LDWS): monitors the drivers positioning on the road and notifies if they begin to waver
  • Fatigue alert (FA): when activated, the driver can be alerted every two, three or four hours of the journey
  • Forward collision warning system: detects the vehicle ahead and issues early warnings to alert drivers to dodge or make a braking manoeuvre to avoid a collision. It also advises drivers to keep an appropriate distance from the car in front
  • Eco Drive Indicator: with the device’s built-in ECO Drive feature, driver behaviour is analysed and alerts whether the driving style is economical
  • 3-axis G-sensor: detecting sudden changes in motion, the camera will instantly save a protected file that can’t be overwritten

The MiVue 798 Pro is available from Robert Dyas and the Mio website for £189.99.

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