“...loads of great, useful features ...a system that’s more affordable than its rivals” - Honest John

The MiVue™ Drive sat nav & dash cam has won the 2017 Honest John Sat Nav of the Year Award. Up against tough opposition, the MiVue™ Drive has come out on top. Honest John praised the Drive for the sheer amount of practical, simple-to-use features, the high definition dash cam and affordability.

John Slavin, Honest John’s Reviews Editor, said: “It features European mapping and a high definition dash camera, plus it has speed camera warnings and even provides lane departure warning and front collision alerts – which is why we think it’s the best value sat nav on sale right now.”

Harold Cobben, Sales Director EU, said: “We’re very proud that the MiVue™ Drive has won this award, based not only on the exceptional value for money it provides but also the usefulness and user-friendliness of its functions. We took the time to make sure the Drive is the most innovative, intuitive and reliable sat nav/dash cam out there at the moment, and it looks like it’s paid off!”

In their unboxing review, Honest John praised the MiVue™ Drive 55LM on the build quality, describing it as: “a substantial bit of kit. ”After extolling the impressive and advanced features included, they summed up by saying, “It’s exquisite. It does everything!”.

The MiVue™ Drive gives you the convenience of a sat nav and dash cam built into one reliable, advanced, yet simple-to-use unit.

All models come with a minimum of 1080p Full HD (the 55LM & 65LM have 1296p Extreme HD for even clearer pictures) and 30fps recording. You’ll have crystal-clear video evidence of any accidents or incidents on the road, meaning nobody can take advantage of you by making up their own version of events.

All Drive models have lifetime map and safety camera updates, as well as Advanced Driver Assistance System features for added safety: Lane Departure Warning System and Forward Collision Warning System.

Honestjohn.co.uk is one of the most popular motoring websites in the UK, giving valuable, unbiased and fair consumer advice and information.

To celebrate winning the award we’re offering a 15% discount on all MiVue™ Drive models of the series. To find out more click here: https://eu.mio.com/shop/gb/devices/dash-cams and use code: 15DRPRO at checkout.

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